9. Webinar Feedback: Internet of Things

The feedback from this webinar ‘Internet of Things’ held on the 4th of December 2013 by Desiree Milosevic. In the feedback she highlighted some key points to discuss , which i am going to elaborate on below.

Defining the word IoT, history and people involved

She explained that there is no one definition to Internet of Things and that the Internet of Things is not a separate internet from the one we know rather it’s a collection of devices connected to the internet and that there is a belief that one day everything can be online and accessible.

How close are we to a broader adoption of this concept?

To this question, she said; nearly any new electronic device can be marketed with reference in some way to the term IoT: all it needs is just a smattering of online capability, this is so because of the way IoT has been perceived. This has in turn caused a hype- factor associated with the term IoT, whether that hype is founded or not, time will tell.She did however said that regardless of whether there is a hype or not, there’s no doubt that we are moving into a world where consumers will purchase enormous numbers of devices which in some ways will communicate online, and she gave some examples of real world uses presently, such as home automation and health.

What are the issues surrounding the Internet of Things?

She explained that issues surrounding the Internet of Things is big, she went on further to say that regardless of how useful this devices are to our daily lives, we leave a digital trail scattered across the internet because of the amount of data these connectivity devices generate,which is a big issue with IoT,  sha gave an example of how we share our information on social media, like twitter and Facebook and in this new world where there is a growth in online data that’s created without any human review, shows that this data will only increase and IoT takes hold within our society and if we are to believe the IDC study of 2102 which forecasts that IoT will be generating 40ZB of data by 2020. This means policymakers should take a look at both existing rules that govern how we communicate and  how we store data,how will they react to these new communication capabilities built into our everyday devices and all manner of other devices? How will these new devices be viewed when we realise we are posting potentially private information into a massive cloud storage system? She made mention of three Governments that have set up agencies to look into this matter, they are EU with CORDIS and CASAGRAS, the US with FTC and the Chinese Government with the Chengdu Internet of Things Institute.

What next? Who’s working on what?

To conclude the webinar she stated that there seem to be more visibility in consumer products that have been marketed as Internet of Things, is an overhaul in security and privacy, which will bring about new regulations. She also stated that there will be more regulations of corporate data responsibility and transparency.

With regards to who is doing what, she made mention of commercial organisations like Internet of Things consortium, Intel Cisco, etc. she also made mention of Governments such as EU and Us Government.

Finally  she wrapped up by pointing out that all in all, the fact that the consumer is thinking positively about this shows there’s a massive future for the IoT.


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