6. Internet of Things and the Consumer

In my last post I dicussed how businesses are leveraging internet of things to transform some areas in their organisations, but beyond its commercial applications,it is transforming the world of consumers in new and startling ways.

It is expected that the explosion in usage of smart personal devices (phones, tablets and wearables) will continue to gather pace,advances in sensor and connectivity technology are allowing devices to collect, record and analyze data that was not accessible before from these devices.

In our homes,consolidated home automation systems that allow basic monitoring and control of every smart device on our home network, all from a single console are being developed. These systems can also coordinate how all of the intelligent things in the home react to an event by, for example, turning on lights, unlocking the front door and turning up the heat as you’re driving home; or by arming the home security system, turning down the lights and thermostat, and shutting the blinds when you tell the system it’s bedtime.


In Aviation the combination of connected technology and connected people is helping to reshape the journey for air passengers and, increasingly, their expectations and behavior, with billions of people making use of one digital device or the other, airlines now have a platform to provide personalised services to their customers, the data collected from this platform can be used to achieve that, for example data collected at each point of interaction with customer devices, starting from the home to the airport and finally inside the plane can be used to personalise customers’ travel experiences i.e. (self-check-in , self-bag-drop and self-boarding) this data can also be used to understand customer behaviour better.

In Healthcare,this means being able to collect patient data over time that can be used to help enable preventive care, and enhance the decision-making powers of professionals by allowing for prompt diagnosis of health issues and enabling patients to take a more active role in managing their personal health.The ability of these devices to automatically gather data doctors need, at the time and in the way they need it,helps reduces the risk of human error,in healthcare,human error can literally be the difference between life and death.

Although IoT technology looks to improve our lives, but the challenge we face is not just in developing these technologies; by connecting to the Internet of Things, consumers will be surrendering a high level of personal information, including their location, shopping preferences and home details.

For any data to be collected and there should be a value proposition provided by the companies,there must also be a transparency on how the data is used and secured.Ownership and access rights to this data must also to be decided; is it the passengers, the device manufactures or the organisations providing the service.


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