1. Reflective Essay: Class work

The last game we played in class during lecture was a useful exercise, the task given to us was to split ourselves in groups and critically appraise the key issues in the literature titled “Challenges to information systems: time to change” given to us to read, after which we were to present a summary of what we read to the class group by group.

Prior to this task I had little knowledge of the issues in the literature, but I was enthused at the procpect of learning this when I read the tittle, although I took a back seat and during the literature evaluation.

I liked the fact that during the review of the literature there were interesting ideas coming from group members, but the idea that I had to present our findings because i did not input much in the analysis was one I was not too keen on, purely because I am not comfortable standing infront of people to talk.

The experience was a revelation to me because, not only did I present well I found out that, by the time I started presenting I was over my fears, which in a way highlighted a hidden strength in me, which I was not aware of.

Looking back I would have been more engaged in the review and next time I would strive to be more involved in group activities so as not to cause any strive between my group members and I.


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